Thank you to our clients

It’s been an incredible year at AUTOCARE. So we’d just like to say a huge thank you to you all.

We couldn’t do it without so much great support, and we really are grateful.

Instead of handing out the usual Xmas gifts we decided to do a donation to a homeless charity for each of our amazing clients. We hope you all agree it’s a nice thing to do and don’t miss the chocs too much 🙂

To all our repeat customers and loyal supporters…..Trevor, Matt, Darren, Richard, Craig, Dan, Caroline, Linden, Lee, Aaron, Andreas, Jon, Stuart, Haydon, James, Karl, Oli, Rob, Gary, Steve, Jackie, Karl, Mary, Joe, Kurt, Gareth, David, Jai, Alex, Oli, Kirsty, Faye, Steve, Richard, Gary, Stu, Glenn, Craig, Chris, Leslie, Ben, Andy, Matt, Luke, Becky, Peter, Luke, Alice, Rebecca, Simon, Chris, Peter, Paul, Hilary, Emily, Glen, Rachel, John, Andy, Greg, David, Marianne, Clive, Tom, Dick, JT, Jon, Paul, Peter, Ben, Kirsty, Steve, Tom, Karen, Peter, Mary, Ben, Ed, Rob, Alice, Ben, Mitch, Jon, Paul, Chris, Martin, Nov, Kat, Alex, Tony, Simon, Doug, David, Celia, Dave, Jake, Duncan, Rachel, John, Charlie, Mark, Muzzy, Beanie, Richard, Matt, Maxine, Tony, Christine, Philippa, Robert, Lucy, Aaron, Billy, Tommy, Kara, Annette, Paul, Howard, Simon, Jeff, Rob, Lee, Mark, Chantal, Lee, James, Dave, Eve, Will, Tom, Graeme, Samantha, James, Lisa, Emily, Sam, Adam, Julia, Stacey, Ross, Kim, Fraser, Steve, Tiffany, Mark, Karl, Jim, Adrian, Perry, David, Sharon, Leah, Paul, Charlotte, Rik, Amanda, Lorraine, David, Bobby, Craig, Ian, David, Julian, Joe, Amber, Justin, Chris, Paul, Patrick, Jason, Matt, Keith, Simon, Kate, Brian, Lee, Julian, Luke, Sam, Emily, James, Stuart and Mark.

Thanks to….Ashley, Lee, Marc, Sam, Sparky, Martyn and Colin.

From the bottom of my heart I’d like to say THANK YOU.

Hope you and your families have a lovely Xmas. Wishing you all the very best for the New Year

It’s a final busy day today then a rare few days off.

Bookings are still being taking for 2021.

Thank you once again (apologies if I’ve missed your name)