FREE Winter Protection Packs

This lovely Audi was treated to an anti swirl paint correction, a mini valet plus which includes a FREE Winter Protection Pack, exclusively by Autocare.

The client also upgraded to our new 1 year ceramic wax.

The bodywork looks superb and silky smooth. 

Some people say you can’t do detailed work on a driveway! We simply say it’s down to having nearly 30 years experience that gives our clients the best results at the best prices 🙂 


The region’s top rated valeting service

The region’s largest mobile valeting company (by client base)

The region’s most trusted valeting service

The region’s longest serving valeter

The region’s best choice in options and prices

Plenty of reasons to choose AUTOCARE as your preferred valeting service.

Thank you Steve, as always a real pleasure to see you and look after you.