Camera Ready

Lights, camera, traction…..

Early early start getting this truck ready for a publicity photo shoot.

If you need your vehicle to be camera ready call Gary on 07963781655

New and Exclusive Service

London Bound

Day trip to London to get these units back to how they used to look.

Until they were bought out by Uniserve, George Baker Transport were an amazing regular client, who’s fleet looked stunning everytime we worked our magic.

We keep close ties with all our top clients, so when Jon needed our help,  of course it wasn’t a problem.

The team did great to turn these around on a Sunday.

Best looking trucks in London now .

New and Exclusive Service

World of Logistics

The world of logistics never stops, and nor do we!

Quick turn around required today to get these 4 washed and interior valeted, ready to go on the roads for the first time tomorrow.

We take huge pride in be able to look after both local companies and local people.

We’re the valeting company that can.

Our 5 star service is there for everyone.

Thank you Mitch, happy to be with you every step of the way.