Ceramic Protection


We visited Needham to help this client who wanted their new car looking it’s best after suffering a number of external issues.

We were more than happy to take on this job. The car needed our special touch, so we paint corrected, valeted and deep shine waxed, then applied our fantastic 5 year ceramic to exterior.

In addition, we added Lifeshine to interior and glass, as we’re fully trained in Autoglym Lifeshine application. All this was done with our usual care and attention, and expertise. At a price that can’t be beaten.

More reasons why we’re the region’s top rated, number 1 valeting company.

New and Exclusive Service

De Lettering and Wrap Removal

Just outside Ipswich early this morning to remove the signage and wrap on this large van.

Did you know… we’re 25% cheaper than signage companies when it comes to de lettering βœ…And we’ll beat any quote from our competitors βœ…

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New Contract

After lots of hard work behind the scenes we’re really proud to land this client. 

They wanted a company that was large enough to cope with their entire fleet of over 200 vehicles.
They wanted a company that would be reliable and flexible.
They wanted a company with all the correct insurances and PPE.
They wanted a company that could turn out a premium finish.
They wanted AUTOCARE
Thank you to all those who helped with this process.

New and Exclusive Service

Bird Mess Stains??

If ever we spot a bird stain on your car, we’ll get rid of it, for FREE βœ…
If you’ve got marks already, dint panic. Just give us a call and we’ll come sort it out.

This Ranger Rover in Felixstowe had one of our great value MINI VALETS, plus removal of bird stain for FREE.

Thank you Aaron.
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New and Exclusive Service

Paint Correction

This deep key mark came out without the need for paint, thanks to our experience and our new and exclusive range of paint correction products.

Paint correction by AUTOCARE- not just mopping like others but FULL paint correction.

Suffolks permier valeting and detailing company.

The regions number 1 choice.


Such a Mixture!

A small glimpse into what we do at Autocare.


Sports, perfomance, classic, luxury and everyday cars.

Bikes, vans, motorhomes, Horseboxes and trucks.

No matter what your wheels are, we’ll be able to help you.

A full range of services, the very best equipment and environmentally friendly chemicals.

Great prices and great quality. With the highest standards in the region and Suffolk’s most trusted and longest serving valeter….

You’re in the very best place and in the best hands, when you choose Autocare

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#Autocare and attention

(All photos are of actual work carried out by Gary and taken from his phone).

Horse Box

Whoa horsey!

In Essex this morning to make this horsebox look stunning in the way only Autocare can πŸ‘

Treated to a wash, light compound to get rid of any marks, cab valet, stable area clean and finished off with a quality ceramic wax on the exterior.

Simply stunning.

The region’s PREMIER valeting companyβœ”οΈ
The region’s number 1 choice βœ”️

Mini Valet

Audi Q7

Busy Friday morning.

First in Ipswich to do a regular mini valet on this Audi Q7 that I ceramic gel protected.

Then over to Colchester to do a full interior on a Mercedes.

Mini Valets Plus

Great service.

In Woodbridge this afternoon after a very busy day.

Lovely little car made to look its very best following one of our Mini Valets Plus.

A great service option to suit all budgets. Great value and great quality.

Book yours now.

Mini Valet

Mini valets

Some nice mini valets for our valued trade client.

Helping to get things ready for an audit, it’s always a pleasure seeing this team.

#Autocare and attention to detail.